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Prof. Remzi Emiroglu, M.D.

DEPARTMENT : Liver Transplantation

PRIMARY LOCATION : Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital

LANGUAGES : English, Turkish

Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital
Acıbadem University
Uludağ University
Başkent University
Ankara Training and Research Hospital
Izmir-Buca SSK Hospital
  • Pediatric and adult liver transplantation  
  • Liver and bile duct tumors  
  • Pancreatic tumors and acute, chronic pancreatitis  
  • Transplant immunology 

Primary Treatments

  • Liver transplantation from living and deceased donors in children and adults 
  • Liver and bile duct resections  
  • Pancreatic resections and pancreatic duct drainage surgery  
  • Surgical treatments for neuroendocrine tumors 
Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine
Ankara Training and Research Hospital
General Surgery Residency Training

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