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Gamma Knife Center

Bloodless Brain Surgery

Gamma Knife surgery is a procedure used in the treatment of selected targets in the brain. In this method, your doctor does not make an incision with a knife on your head. Instead of an incision, he directs highly-focused sensitive gamma rays onto the brain regions to be treated.

Gamma Knife surgery is an advanced method of radiosurgery used for many years in the treatment of brain diseases. This radiosurgical device developed by Elekta over years is currently in common use around the world and has become the preference of developed countries and the centers of advanced medical devices.

Gamma Knife Treatment

Gamma Knife treatment is a safe and effective method of treatment applied each year to 65 thousand people all over the world. Treatment process is simple, painless and easy.

Gamma Knife Treatment process is completed in four stages:

  • Placement of a frame by your doctor
  • MR, CT or Angiography examinations
  • Planning of treatment on high-tech computer
  • Gamma Knife Treatment