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Genetic Diagnosis Laboratory

Genetic Diagnosis Laboratory

Group Florence Nightingale Genetic Diagnosis Center is a pioneer in clinical molecular genetic diagnosis for the entire region and has been carrying out its activities with both health care and research objectives, in full cooperation with the Group’s University and Clinical Research Center, with the ultimate objective of providing a world-class standard of excellence in the treatment of all our international patients.

Hereditary diseases with a genetic basis have been treatable since the introduction of molecular genetic techniques just over two decades ago, and their study forms a fundamental part of integrated and modern medicine. Almost all human diseases have any component of genetic variability; although there are some that are caused fundamentally by the action of only one mutant gene (monogenic diseases) and these are the most susceptible to an effective molecular diagnosis.

In most cases, it is feasible to practice molecular diagnosis of diseases by identifying the corresponding molecular alterations or mutations, and providing an accurate prenatal diagnosis and efficient genetic counseling for the affected patients and their relatives.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is a technique combining the recent significant advances in molecular genetics and assisted reproductive technology. PGD allows physicians to identify various genetic diseases in the embryo (fertilized egg with several divisions) prior to implantation, that is, before the pregnancy is established. It is of special value for those who are at risk of having children with serious genetic problems.

Once again, the Group Florence Nightingale leads the field in providing its patients with the very latest scientific technology and methods across all fields of specialization.