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Thoracic Surgery Center

Thoracic Surgery Center

Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals Thoracic Surgery Center successfully carry out all emergency and elective procedures of thoracic surgery in collaboration with the anesthesia having advanced technical and medical equipment as well as the intensive care, pulmonary diseases, oncology, heart surgery and radiology teams.

Each patient applied to our center is treated individually. In the meetings carried out with physicians from other branches (thoracic diseases, radiology, medical oncology, radiation oncology) on the basis of multidisciplinary approach, they are examined in detail and optimal treatment is planned in the light of scientific and up-to-date data.

Our Center for Thoracic Surgery; carry out the surgical treatment of primarily the pulmonary and pulmonary membrane diseases, lung cancer and lung metastases (spread) and lung nodules, as well as empyema, bronchiectasis, diseases of the diaphragm, tumors and congenital deformities of the chest wall, trachea stenosis and tracheal tumors, COPD, mediastinum cysts and tumors, mesothelioma, pleural diseases, pneumothorax (pulmonary puncture), thymus gland tumors and esophageal cancer.

Why Florence Nightingale Thoracic Surgery Center?

Videothoracoscopic surgery (VATS), which is a method of closed surgery (minimally invasive surgery) performed using the most advanced current surgical technology and which is increasingly becoming prominent in thoracic surgery, has been successfully performed  in our Robotic surgery (Da Vinci Robotic Thoracic Surgery) Center since 2010 and in our Thoracic Surgery Center since 2011.

Our Thoracic Surgery Center is one of the centers that operate the tumors spread to the aorta, which is the main vessel, in collaboration with our Cardiac Surgery Center.

The fact that the rate of minimally invasive lung cancer surgery is 65% in our Group Florence Nightingale Thoracic Surgery Center while it remains about 30% in the developed centers all around the world indicates the proud success of our Thoracic Surgery Center.

In the world, while the mortality rate after thoracic surgeries is between 2 -5%, this rate is below 1% in our Pulmonary Surgery Center.

In our Pulmonary Surgery Center, Thoracic Surgery Councils and Oncology Councils are routinely organized with the participation of our internal and external physicians to share the experiences and cases.